Michael K. Fortney, Partner

Michael Fortney is a partner at Clear Creek Strategies in Denver, CO, focusing on the firm’s public and media relations and political consulting operations.

Fortney has managed campaigns at every level, from federal to municipal. In 2012, in one of the most targeted races in the country, Fortney led incumbent Congressman Scott Tipton to a 12-point win, increasing Tipton’s previous margin of victory by 8 points. Fortney continues to serve as Tipton’s senior political consultant.

In 2010 and 2014, Fortney served as campaign manager and senior consultant for Walker Stapleton’s State Treasurer races. In 2010 Fortney directed Stapleton through a multi-person primary and to a general election victory against a popular incumbent treasurer. In 2014, Stapleton handily defeated former Congresswoman Betsy Markey to win reelection. Fortney has been guiding Stapleton’s communication and political operation ever since the 2010 campaign.

Additionally, Fortney has served as a regional political manager for the Associated Builders and Contractors. In that capacity, Fortney covered 14 states for the trade association, leading its political and fundraising efforts.

Prior to Colorado, Fortney served on Congressman Ted Poe’s congressional staff, managed several campaigns in Texas and managed a successful Kentucky Supreme Court campaign.

Fortney has led grassroots advocacy and earned media campaigns for Clear Creek Strategies on a number of issues including energy, banking and immigration. He has helped his clients garner positive media attention, set up last minute rallies and build winning coalitions.

Michael is a native of Kentucky and graduate of Lamar University. He and his wife Catharine live in Denver, CO.

Andy George, Partner

Andy has been involved in political campaigns at every level for the past 18 years, providing hands-on strategy and analysis to legislative and business leaders.

Andy has built a history of demonstrated success, most notably flipping control of the Colorado State Senate during the 2014 election cycle and the Colorado House during the 2010 election cycle. Even in 2008, when the political environment for Republicans was at a low point, Andy managed the effort that resulted in Colorado House Republicans picking up seats. This marked the first time in 14 years that Republicans in Colorado had gained seats in the legislature. Working hand-in-hand with the Republican state party in Colorado, Andy played an integral role in candidate recruitment efforts at the state level for over eight years.

In 2013, Andy served as the general consultant to the successful grassroots opposition to a billion dollar tax increase in Colorado. Despite being outspent 12 to 1 by the proponents of the tax increase, the measure failed by over 30 points.

Andy was also part of the team that, also in 2013, successfully recalled two Democratic state Senators in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for their unpopular support of overreaching gun control legislation.

In 2011, Andy led Republican efforts to influence the redistricting and reapportionment of Colorado’s congressional and state legislative districts. The data and analysis he provided proved invaluable in informing the process and successfully securing a new map that gives a statistical advantage to Republicans in the Colorado Senate.

Previously, Andy served as the statewide field director for U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer’s 2004 Colorado U.S. Senate race. In 2005, he managed a statewide ballot initiative campaign in Colorado. He also served as the primary consultant for GOTV operations for the Colorado Republican Committee in 2006.

Andy is a native of Kentucky and spent his formative years in South Carolina where he started his political career as a volunteer various local campaigns.  In 2002, Andy moved to Colorado where he met his wife, Rachel, they currently live in Colorado with their family.